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City Library
Stadtbibliothek Wolkenstein
Schlossplatz 1
09429 Wolkenstein
Fon.: 037369 9898
Fax: 037369 87372
Email:  stadtbibliothek@stadt-wolkenstein.de
opening hours:
thuesday and thursday : 13 - 18 hour
Everyone can use the city library and borrow books, newspapers, cassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and games in line with usage and fee regulations. Since 1998 there has been an annual fee of 2.56 € for pupils, 3.83 € for trainees, students and the unemployed, 5.11 € for adults or 10.22 € for families.
Two computers have offered users internet access since 2001. Please register beforehand if possible! The city library also organises and conducts various events such as library tours, presentations of books, storybook cinema, crafts, author readings, theatre etc. Part of these events are in conjunction with schools, day cares and/or city clubs. Naturally the library also tries to acquire literature through inter-lending. Media no longer needed is sold or given away in favour of urgently needed new acquisitions, which attract bookworms from near and far to the library. In the village of Gehringswalde the communal library (Alte Schule) is also open every Tuesday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

History of the library: there is most certainly a hundred-year-long library tradition in Wolkenstein. In the museum there is a 1891 copy of the title page "Catalogue of the People's Library", published by the Schütze Publishers. Like the exact founding date of the library, the location of the original copy of this catalogue is unknown. Until 1945 there was a library located in the school which was completely destroyed in a bombing raid. Subsequently the town hall housed the city library and in 1961 the former central library was moved to new quarters on the marketplace. Since 1992 the city library has been located in the north wing of the palace where, newly-equipped, it invites its younger and older guests to come peruse!

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