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Wolkenstein is considered a hiker's paradise in every season. When strolling around the mediaeval city of Wolkenstein or around the castle premises you will come across signposts and other hiking signs.
Interregional hiking trails lead, not unintentionally, through the territory of the city, e.g. the European Long Distance Hiking Trail E3 and the Long Distance Hiking Trail Eisenach-Budapest. In addition, a dense network of locally marked trails can be used. Parts of the Wolkenstein Cliff Region with the romantic "Wolkenstein Switzerland" can be experienced on the steep Alpine Hiking Trail (loop trail).
Quiet stream valleys with slight inclines are also good for strolling. Impressive evidence of 700 years of Wolkenstein mining history can be discovered on various routes of our mining nature trail. Many health trails near the health resort of Warmbad are open not only to patients. A spa trail connects the only hot springs in Saxony: Wiesenbad Health Resort and Warmbad Health Resort. For horse-lovers there are marked bridle-paths, for example in the forest "Brand" between Warmbad and Grossolbersdorf.
Both the Zschopau Bike Trail and the Silver Road Bike Trail (Bayreuth-Zittau) lead through the territory of the city of Wolkenstein. Both bike trails are relatively challenging as they do lead away from the valley at times, and ascents are unavoidable. In return the path offers diversified nature and worthwhile views. The bike path Pressnitztal, which starts south of Wolkenstein and ascends gradually to the Czech border is suitable for families. Bicycles with gear shifts can be hired in the visitor's office.

Additional bike trails can be found at www.rad.kreis-mek.de.

It is also possible to fish in certain areas of the Zschopau River. A fishing license and fishing permit is required. Mainly trout and greyling are fished. The Gneis cliffs, part of the Wolkenstein cliff area are also visited by climbers. Climbing, including free climbing, is possible. On the castle cliffs, in the Wolf Ravine and below the "Wolkenstein Switzerland" hooks and route markers are present.

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