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Das Schloss Wolkenstein Dear residents and visitors,


to our idyllic town of Wolkenstein and its districts of Hilmersdorf, Gehringswalde, Schönbrunn, Falkenbach and the spa town of Warmbad, to which we want to call attention to here.

The heritage-protected town centre with its castle built on an approx. 80m high rocky promontory and surrounded by the former 900m long city wall, characterises the more than 800-year old settlement. This history can be relived and is documented in three museum exhibits. The creativity and diligence of the locals is due to a functioning local community. A diverse economic structure contributes largely to the town's prosperity. Amidst a versatile uplands landscape there are many opportunities to go hiking in the region, to discover little noteworthy things and to enjoy the tranquillity.

Warmbad, the oldest and warmest mineral spring in Saxony, is just as inviting as the neighbouring thermal springs of Wiesenbad to relax and rejuvenate.

We welcome anyone moving here, as well as any new businesses that want to settle in our area, as they will help us in developing further.

On this note, kind regards from
Your Mayor

Aktuelle Informationen
Stellenausschreibung "Staatlich anerkannter Erzieher (m/w/d)"
Bebauungsplan "Krokusweg"
Stellenausschreibung "Sachbearbeiter Recht, Sicherheit und Ordnung (m/w/d)"

Bei der Stadt Wolkenstein ist zum 1. April 2022 der Arbeitsplatz

Stellenausschreibung "Sachbearbeiter Allgemeine Verwaltung (m/w/d)"

Bei der Stadt Wolkenstein ist zum 1. April 2022 der Arbeitsplatz

Witere Impfmöglichkeiten im Erzgebirgskreis
Stellenausschreibung "Reinigungskraft (m/w/d)"

Das tschechische Projekt wurde kofinanziert von der Europäischen Union und dem Freistaat Sachsen aus dem Kleinprojektsfonds für die Euroregion Erzgebirge e. V. (Interreg - III A)
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